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I have a problem with SPI.setBitOrder(MSBFIRST)

In the library as an example / Syntax

Examples / / set bit order to LSBFIRST
                      SPI.setBitorder (LSBFIRST);

Syntax SPI.setBitorder (bitOrder)

I think this should be SPI.setBitOrder (LSBFIRST); / / O! no o

But when I use this I get the error message

undefined reference to `WSPI :: setBitOrder (unsigned char) '

Could it be that somewhere in the Library also something goes wrong?

Rob Keij

Hi Qynx!

I'm not able to reproduce this error. What version of Wiring are you using, and with what hardware?

You are right about the documentation being wrong. We'll fix that. Thanks!

PS: I was targeting Wiring S with Wiring 0100. The SPI library is a part of the AVR8Bit core.

Hi Brevig,

I use my own board with Mega128 (bootloader for wiring 1.0) with Wiring 0100.



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