Author Topic: Serial work when upload with arduino IDE but don't when upload with Wiring IDE  (Read 4812 times)

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EDIT: added code file

I all,
      here is a summary of my situation:

Project goal:
communicate with Scratch throught a Wiring S

Wiring S receive Scratch pool messages but don't react to those messages

What I find out:
When I upload my code to an Arduino Duemilanove using Wiring IDE(100) I obtain the same failure. But if I upload the same code using Arduino IDE(1.0.4) everything works! Scratch communicate nicely with my Arduino Board. Then I tried to upload the code(always the same) to my Wiring S board using the Arduino IDE but, without any surprise, it didn't work. yeah! this last result was not a surprise but sometimes wierd solution like this one works... sometimes...

What I think of this problem:
Well, since there's a situation where everythings works, I guess my code is right and working. Then I suppose there is something wrong in the compile process of the Wiring IDE. Maybe I can compile with the Arduino IDE and uploads with Wiring IDE... but how can I do that?

I was planning a workshop around Scratch and Wiring S but I guess I'll move to somethings else for now. In the meanwhile maybe you guys have another thought on this and maybe a solution?

Hope to read from you soon!
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checking ...


Thanks you Barragan. :)