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I would like to know is that necessary to Run this program attach with protoboard (hardware).
I just want to make sure that I run this program correctly. ;)

Jaime Patarroyo:
You don't have to have the board connected when you run the software. You can even write the code and verify it without the board. You just have to plug it when you want to upload the code, but even if you try to upload it without the board attached the program won't mess up.

Yes, thank you very much. Is that possible to design the circuit simulator to check with the program? :)

Jaime Patarroyo:
I once asked for that also, but as I understand, thats something very hard to achieve. I don't know the exact reason but I think it has something to do with the time it takes to each computer to complete a task depending on the processor.

yeas, you probably will need to use some special hardware for it, change fuses to enable the JTAG pins used for that sort of things.


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