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Using Wiring IDE, Duemilanove to upload sketches to a 1284P

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It works!!  :) :) Just got the 1284 blinking a led :D

I'm going to do the tutorial, but I don't know how to add a page in the tutorials section of the wiki's main page (it is not editable)

I've already done the images of the breadboard (with fritzing), it would be a matter of minutes to do the tutorial.

Thanks for the tip!

great! you can create your own account on the wiki and start a new page I will link it from the tutorials section directly, please let me know if you need anything : )

Yeah, I'll fix that in the repo.  Thanks for testing.


I finally did the tutorial. It took a bit more time than expected, and I've been a bit busy.

Here it is:


fantastic : ) please edit the tutorial and add your credits to it, I have linked it from the front page.


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