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Hi all!!

Some time ago i write a small text to use an Arduino as ISP bootloader for the Atmega 128.

I was using this bootloader files to do (Stk500V1)

Now, to upload a BLANK Cpu, my burner must run STK500 V2 rigth?

So for that and using my Arduino ISP, this is a box with a ISP connector and a Atmega168 inside with the Arduino ISP. This is STK500V1 and using it and burning all the m128 board do
not start. ( i change all fuses, hex all)

So i try with the parallel programmer, it fails at a particular mem position (i test this in severals computers with the same problem and with AVRDUDE too).

The next, a blank Atmega328 with parallel programmer, the bootloader was burned rigth but any wiring squetch can be uploaded to this m328.

The next step that i do not perform is test if my ISP board support the 115200 BPS from the USB adapter, i mean i only change the M168 for a M328 with wiring bootloader inside so the only thing that can be wrong is the PL2303 IC that do not runs at 115200Bps.

Every time that i try a way to get this V2 working, i roolback all the operations uploading this m128 with my Arduino recipe (stk500v1) and the Wiring 0027 and my board understand each to other rigth.

Some help?, buy a USB STK500V2 burner ?? lol!!

Best Regards


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hi, have you checked this post?,9.0.html