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Trouble with trailer wiring...NEED HELP!!!


Hey guys,
Im rewiring my boat trailer and thought I did everything correctly. Its a 4 pole flat connector with the white, yellow, green, and brown wires. I connected everything together according to color coordination with butt connectors and grounded everything. When I turn the lights on my truck on the tail lights come on just fine. The problem is when I push the brake in, the trailer lights shut off completely. Releasing the brake allows them to come back on. Also, whether I use the right turn signal or the left one...both trailer lights flash as if my hazards are on. Anybody have any ideas for me??? Im stumped...kind of a rookie electrician...


hi, this forum is about the project but let's see if someone could help.


--- Quote from: barradgan on May 24, 2014, 12:54:43 PM ---hi, this forum is about the vigrx plus project but let's see if someone could help.

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Hi Jerrod did you solve this?


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