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Support of Cortex M3 in Wiring
« on: April 12, 2012, 05:57:35 AM »
As pointed out in a sister thread,37.msg386.html#msg386, I'm interested in supporting 32-bit Cortex chips/boards in Wiring/Arduino platform.

I really welcomed the announcement of joining maple and Wiring platforms ... back in October (2011), but was disappointed to see that nobody really has time to make that happen.

I firmly believe that being able to handle most differences between chips/boards at the library level should be the definitive advantage of the winning platform. Wiring has at least one advantage here : the segregation of libraries between "core" (chip/board specific) and "cross platform" (chip/board agnostic).

Unfortunately, the community is small, time-strapped and apparently unable (until now ;-) to convert people to join.

Here is the place (I hope) where some progress regarding the fusion of libmaple and Wiring could be discussed. My programming skills and time are limited (as everything in life), but even the smartest programmer can't get nowhere without an explicit goal/requirements etc. So shoot : what's needed ?

Unfortunately, I wonder what is the most difficult part of it