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Hi there!

I'm the guy that made the wiki article about bootloading a 1284.

Is it possible to upload a sketch to a micro directly with ISP? I mean to upload a sketch to a board using another board (Duemilanove) and the Wiring ISP sketch. For now I've been only able to upload bootloaders..

If not, what other ways are there to do it?

When my robot is started, it moves its wheels while the bootloader is running (about 2 seconds) before my sketch gets the control of the wheels. That's why I want to program with ISP and get rid of the bootloader.


There is a way to program via avrdude through WiringISP, but it's not available in the IDE yet (other than uploading the bootloader).  In the next version of the IDE, we hope to have a way to select the upload method.

You could modify the bootloader to stop moving the motors (whatever control you're using - e.g. if it's an H-Bridge enable control, just define those outputs in the bootloader such that they disable the H-Bridge).

I only have the .hex of the bootloader, where can I find the sources? And, can I compile them with Wiring?


You can find the bootloader source under hardware/Wiring/bootloaders.

You can't compile it within the IDE (yet?).  You'll need to compile it from the command line using "make".

I've executed 'make' in hardware/Wiring/bootloaders/build

It has generated some files, and a .hex named WiringBoot_arduino-328p-16MHz.hex

Okay, but I'm using a bare atmega 1284 on a breadboard :)

So i need to generate the WiringBoot_ATmega1284_16MHz.hex, how can I tell it to do that?

(I suppose that the file then needs to be copied to hardware/Atmel/bootloaders/, is that right?)



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