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Can't locate a download source for atmega128 boot loader hex file



I've built a wiring compatible board running an atmega128.  I can build and load programs into it with my tinyUSB ISP programmer.  I want to put a boot loader on it so that i can load programs directly from the IDE but I can't seem to locate the atmega128stk500boot.hex file that I need.  I've tried loading the Wiring version 1 boot loader thinking that it's a 128 also and should work but I get an error when I try to load it (some sort of bad address reference in line 2).

Question 1: where can I find the hex file that I need?

Question 2: is it possible to run the boot loader at 8Mhz instead of 16Mhz?  I'd like to try something using the internal oscillator instead of my external clock.


hi, here it is:
Let me know.

You should be able to build the '128 bootloader for 8MHz - but it will require some small modifications.  Have a look at the other hardware definitions in the Wiring bootloader.  You should be able to modify the makefile, as well as the defs-wiring-v1-mega.h file to suit your needs.


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