Author Topic: Bootloader Question: Custom board with Atmega644p, 8MHz crystal running at 3.3V  (Read 11642 times)

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Did you burn the bootloader to the controller using AVR Studio 5 + AVRISP mkII?

The avrdude distributed with Wiring 1.0 was not compiled with usb support.  The USB drivers required by avrdude are NOT the same as the ones that are used by AVR Studio 5 (Jungo, IIRC).  So, it would be a complicated process to change the drivers out.

You could burn the bootloader using another board (such as a Wiring S, or an Arduino board) loaded with the WiringISP sketch.



I tried with AVR Studio5 but it seems not to work.
So in order to minimize the side effects of doing something wrong, I will try to use the method using another Wiring S board and load the Wiring ISP sketch to it.

I'll let you know about my efforts later.

Any plans when to release a new IDE with avrdude usb support bundled?



It likely won't happen, because of the dependency on the libusb drivers which need to replace the existing drivers for the AVRISP mkII.  :(

A lot of people would complain if we changed the USB drivers for their mkII - and since Wiring sketches only upload by serial, for the most part, it would be a minority asking to have the mkII USB drivers to be installed.

Definitely try the WiringISP sketch - it will make it easy to burn the bootloader.