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Duplicate file names
« on: January 28, 2012, 05:30:16 PM »

I wanted to compile an existing Arduino project with Wiring because I think some of your stuff is pretty cool and the Arduino development seems to be a little behind...
Anyway, I adapted all "Arduino.h" includes to "Wiring.h" etc and clicked "Verify". It failed.

So why did it fail? I have a file called "Button.h" (and the corresponding "Button.cpp" in my sketch. So my .pde has a line
Code: [Select]
#include "Button.h"The problem is: the IDE matches this line against my file AND the bundled Button library file. Therefore, it tries to link against to different Button.cpp.o files which obviously fails as both of them define different Button classes.

I propose the following change:
Ignore those library files that have the same name as a file in the sketch folder. This change should be backwards compatible.
Another approach would be to only accept
Code: [Select]
#include <...> for library files and interpret
Code: [Select]
#include "..." as local sketch files. I think that would be clean, but could break old code.

In hope of a quick fix,
best regards,


Re: Duplicate file names
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2012, 05:11:43 AM »
Ok, as I need to compile my project and don't want to change filenames (besides Button.* there is also a Matrix.* which get confused with a built-in library) I recompiled my own version of the Wiring IDE changing processing.app.preproc.PdePreprocessor:109 to
Code: [Select]
String importRegexp = "^\\s*#include\\s+<(\\S+)>";
Hope to get an official fix for this soon, and I'm really looking forward for the IDE independent compilation ;)


Re: Duplicate file names
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2012, 11:09:37 AM »
hi Kroimon, thanks for submitting the fix, I'll try it tonight : ) Have you run tests afterwards?


Re: Duplicate file names
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2012, 01:54:47 PM »
Yeah, I tested it and it seems to work.

As I mentioned above, this fix may not be backwards compatible to old sketches that include libraries using the #include "..." syntax with quotes and limits library loading to the #include <...> syntax.

If you choose this fix you have to clearly announce it with the next release so that old sketches can be adapted.

The other way to fix this - only include libraries when there is no equally named file in the current sketch - looks equally easy to implement, but I have no idea where ;-)


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<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=FH7kX0gbSgI">Скачать видео и MP3 This Restaurant Might be Haunted</a><br>Occurred on October 9, 2017 / Ventura, California, USA"Cronies Sports Grill is a family restaurant w</br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=WIasZgOoxAY">Скачать видео и MP3 Абдуғаппар ұлы Биләл келін әкелді</a><br>Құрметті дінсүйер мұсылман қауым!. Қандай да бір сұрақтарыңыз пайда болса fatua.kz,  http://old.muft</br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=ECWwpmP3spY">Скачать видео и MP3 Zhonti feat. NN-Beka - ЗЫН ЗЫН (Полная версия by JKS)</a><br>Данное видео было снято при поддержке Forte Bank и Burger King. Выражаем благодарность за помощь при</br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=qCbiqyD-xMI">Скачать видео и MP3 КТА НАЗАР АУДАР ЖӘНЕ ТҰРСЫНБЕК ҚАБАТОВ ЗАЛДЫ ЖАРДЫ 22.10.2017</a><br>КТА НАЗАР АУДАР 22.10.2017--------------------------------------------------------------------------</br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=sZCSL94_rDI">Скачать видео и MP3 Крах Five Winds Asset Management и Questra World. Кто виноват и что делать?</a><br>Five Winds Asset Management и QW Lianora Swiss Consulting - обновленные названия пирамиды Questra мо</br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=KtNtxqluyQE">Скачать видео и MP3 Калаулым!РЫСБАЛА ЖАНЕРКЕНІҢ КЕЛГЕН ҮМІТКЕРДЕ КӨҢІЛІ БАР ЕКЕНІН АЙТЫП ТАСТАДЫ!</a><br></br>
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<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=NClJet7yJlg">Скачать видео и MP3 Мына жігіт есіңізде ме? Көрініз мәз боласыз</a><br>Тамашалағанызға рахметЛайк бас⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕✅Инста:@madioffical✅Инста сілтеме:https://www.instagram.com/</br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=ldK9qvRBkMI">Скачать видео и MP3 KOTD - Oxxxymiron (RUS) vs Dizaster (USA)  #WDVII</a><br>#WDVII King Of The Dot представлят: OXXXYMIRON vs DIZASTERорганизованный Organik, Restorator, Gully </br>
<a href="https://xn--80aaademhwo0czaihgp8c1exb.xn--p1ai/watch?v=kskjmn59omw">Скачать видео и MP3 Вечерний Ургант. Предвыборный ролик Ивана Урганта на пост президента России (19.10.2017)</a><br>Ксения Собчак заявила, что собирается участвовать в президентских выборах в 2018 году, и опубликовал</br>


Download video and MP3 youtube
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<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=KrIdGyl5iq8">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 ALEXIS SANCHEZ VS EV3RT0N │22-10-2017 │ REVIEW ESPAÑOL HD ⚽</a><br>Partidazo del niño maravilla, asistencia y una gran anotacion para cerrar la goleada y sumar de a 3 </br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=zyBpJD7L-R8">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 La MALDICIÓN de SONIC.EXE - Draw My Life</a><br>¿Sabes en qué consiste la maldición que hay alrededor de Sonic.exe? Te la contamos en este Draw My L</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=Yy7eemCeYho">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 16 BROMAS ÉPICAS PARA TROLLEAR A TUS AMIGOS</a><br>Subscríbete aquí: http://bit.ly/2uaqyFo25 TRUCOS DE MAQUILLAJE PARA PRINCIPIANTES: https://youtu.be/</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=sHTYHoPFUz0">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Karol G, Bad Bunny, Quavo - Ahora Me Llama (Audio/Remix)</a><br>Music video by Karol G, Bad Bunny, Quavo performing Ahora Me Llama. (C) 2017 UMG Recordings, Inc.htt</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=AKxeCKSEWDk">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 ¿PUEDES TERMINAR DE VER ESTE VIDEO?  Vertigo Test</a><br>Por favor SUSCRIBETE AHORA! http://bit.ly/JGsuscribeteSígueme en Instagram: http://bit.ly/2rLMFRDAnc</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=HNe05Dmrd60">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 ALIANZAS DE LICEO / #JuegoBotota / T10-C31</a><br>Suscríbete a nuestro canal y recibe las actualizaciones en tu celular!</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=1Px_srv7IvM">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Валерия - Можно я побуду счастливой? (Премьера клипа, 2017)</a><br>Валерия - Можно я побуду счастливой? Премьера клипа 2017.Музыка: Илья Брылин Слова: Наталья Касимцев</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=l_bBrxqPDbE">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Farruko - Me Levanto (Video Oficial)</a><br>Best of Farruko / Lo mejor de Farruko https://goo.gl/bP8VCpFarruko - TrapXficante (Album 2017) https</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=huDpLEdUsxI">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Especial respondiendo comentarios  Otra Semana en Cartoon  S03 E14  Cartoon Network</a><br>Una revisión a los mejores comentarios de la tercera temporada.Suscríbete al canal de Youtube de Car</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=ywhVdMP4rNw">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 SPINNER ATORADO EN MI DEDO!!! ✦ 6 BROMAS de HALLOWEEN Asombrosas!</a><br>LAS MEJORES BROMAS CASERAS DE HALLOWEEN! --- ASUSTA A TUS AMIGOS! ✿ SUSCRIBETE➚http://bit.ly/1r2lMoR</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=4LfJnj66HVQ">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" (Official Music Video)</a><br>Lil Pump Album Out Now: https://ad.gt/lilpumpLil Pump Tour Tickets: https://lilpumpjetskii.comFollow</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=Xpw-jHmCjsg">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Milagro  Niño se salva de un rayo en plena tormenta mientras jugaba  Posadas Misiones</a><br>Un nene salió a jugar al patio en medio de una tormenta eléctrica y cayó un rayoOcurrió en Posadas, </br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=DhcDRIiEKpY">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 RJ Word  - Hold Tight (Audio Only)</a><br>RJ WORD - HOLD TIGHT OUT NOWSTREAM HOLD TIGHT  - SPOTIFY -  https://goo.gl/Da4hExAPPLE MUSIC - https</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=po-V_ZOdevg">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Otra vez 'Don Carter' protagonista de 'Sin Censura'</a><br>'Don Carter' nuevamente nos deleitó con los mejor de sus chistes en la edición especial del segmento</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=9YKrsNNI56Q">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Actor Eduardo Yáñez le pegó una cachetada a reportero Paco Fuentes de Univisión</a><br>Noticias:http://www.univision.com/entretenimiento/lo-que-no-se-vio...https://mundohispanico.com/entr</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=Lf2bpQ_yFgo">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Audax Italiano vs Colo Colo 0-3  Resumen y Goles  21/10/2017</a><br></br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=tKkNwL2i8QE">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 ITS ALL IN THERE REMIX</a><br>ELECTRONICA-CLUB SONG</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=GhrpH0-fiIc">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Velna  Gippy Grewal  Official Video  Humble Music  Jay K</a><br>Song :- VelnaSinger :- Gippy GrewalLyrics :- Happy RaikotiMusic :- Jay K (Jassi Katyal)Model Name :-</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=MoL_GLvlF3w">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 LA VENDIÓ EL EDUARDO</a><br>Hay que puro hacerla Doblait@s, después es tarde, Avispate!!! Mira:  http://bit.ly/ExpPSU :OSUSCRÍBE</br>
<a href="https://descargarvideosdeyoutube.top/watch?v=r6zIGXun57U">Descargar VÍDEO o MP3 Legends Never Die (ft. Against The Current)  Worlds 2017 - League of Legends</a><br>The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch their names in history. F</br>