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Wiring 1.0 / Arduino 1.0 Compliance?


Is Wiring 1.0 build 100 Arduino 1.0 compliant?

--- Code: (Wiring print.h) ---class Print
    // pure virtual - must be implemented by derived class
    virtual void write(uint8_t) = 0;

    // virtual - can be redefined (polymorphic class)
    virtual void write(const char *str);
    virtual void write(const uint8_t *buffer, size_t size);

--- End code ---

write is void with Wiring 1.0 while returning size_t with Arduino 1.0

--- Code: (Arduino 1.0 print.h) ---class Print
    int write_error;
    size_t printNumber(unsigned long, uint8_t);
    size_t printFloat(double, uint8_t);

--- End code ---

Don't think so.

Arduino 1.0 decided to break compatibility with Wiring in many places, (without any good reason IMHO), and relationship between Wiring and Arduino "core team" can't be qualified of friendly.

(Why) Should it ?


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