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Exhibition / Bedside table w/touch sensitive integrated light.
« on: November 12, 2011, 09:41:22 AM »
I thought this board looked a bit empty so here's a project I kinda completed coming on 6 months ago.

It's a bedside table with an integrated light.
The table itself is hinged and hollow and currently houses a mess of electronics. Made from waxed birch veneered plywood.
The light was constructed from various layers of wood - veneers, 1mm ply, and flexi ply. These were laser cut and jigged while glueing to get the shape. The middle is hollow and houses:
2 ~500mW warm white LEDs and 2 ~300mW RGB LEDs at the top
2 Rogue Robotics rKey capacitive touch sensor modules (one on the top and one on the side)
1 LDR for adjusting brightness/turning on the light when it gets dark.
16 bi/tri colour (red/blue) LEDs down the back which shine through the veneer
4 74HC595 shift registers for controlling the LEDs, 5 resistor networks for the LEDs and lots of wires!


Lots of wires and shift registers - cut down legs dead bug style.

Showing the time (kinda :P )

As the LEDs are individually addressable, I can make them do anything - I've yet to try music visualisations (with the main RGB LEDs as well) but I bet that'll look awesome.

As for code, I'm working on changing it (partly to new Wiring code) so that might come later. I never really got it doing much but I've kinda been motivated recently to get it doing something and start using it for its main purpose as a bedside table.

Thanks to bhagman for help with the shift register code and his continued drive to improve Wiring.
General Discussion / Wiring Colours and fonts (IDE and Forum)
« on: June 22, 2011, 06:57:33 AM »
As with the Wiring IDE, the colour matching for text, banners etc leaves a little to be desired on this forum :D

The main things I notice are the bold text at the top of this in the orange box - it's grey on orange and is pretty awful to try and read. The blue background around the post creation icons is also a little weird.

(Mowcius brings out web developer to have a play with colours).

Minor changes to the css which could make a big difference to the look of the forum.

Could we also get the compose text box font size a bit bigger (bhagman, I'm surprised of you to make it so small) and perhaps change the general forum font to something looking a little less dated :P

The way the subject and message icon boxes highlight and shift everything down a few pixels is also a little annoying.

Another negative sounding post but I think the comments are all justified and we might as well get it right :)
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