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Project Questions / Guidelines / Rotary Encoder
« on: July 23, 2011, 02:29:40 PM »

I want to build a MIDI controller with as many rotary encoders as possible to interact with Logic Pro during my audiovisual improvisations. I own a Wiring v. 1.0, I found a rotary encoder at sparkfun, with product id  COM-09117. How many of these could I connect to my board simultaneously?

I am a total beginner with Wiring, so I would need the code to be as simple as possible. To have some kind of visual feedback from Logic would be awesome. I found, also at sparkfun, a "Rotary Encoder LED Ring Breakout Board" with id COM-10407. It seems to be suitable, but also very "pin consuming".

Many thanks to Wiring for beeing so cool!  ;)

Rafael Marfil

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