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Programming Questions / Programming directly with ISP
« on: December 10, 2011, 03:02:49 PM »
Hi there!

I'm the guy that made the wiki article about bootloading a 1284.

Is it possible to upload a sketch to a micro directly with ISP? I mean to upload a sketch to a board using another board (Duemilanove) and the Wiring ISP sketch. For now I've been only able to upload bootloaders..

If not, what other ways are there to do it?

When my robot is started, it moves its wheels while the bootloader is running (about 2 seconds) before my sketch gets the control of the wheels. That's why I want to program with ISP and get rid of the bootloader.


I've been using Arduino IDE and a Duemilanove to program ATMEGA328P uC's for a while now.

Recently I discovered the 1284P, wich is the biggest Atmel micro in DIP format, i think. Good to have many pins for a two-wheeler robot I'm planning. And no SMD parts so I can solder them... Also the Wiring IDE seems more advanced :)

So my question is, wether I can burn the bootloader and upload sketches to an 1284P using the Duemilanove. If so, I would buy some 1284's, wich are cheap at RS:

I've just uploaded the blink led sketch with Wiring IDE and the Duemilanove to a 328P and it works nice. To upload the sketch I remove the 328P from the Duemilanove and connect Vcc, Gnd, RX and TX to the breadboard.

So would be these the steps for a 1284...?
-Burn bootloader:
1- Select Tools -> Board -> Arduino -> Arduino Duemilanove
2- Select serial port
3- Upload the Wiring ISP sketch to the Duemilanove (with 328P put on)
4- Wire the MISO, MOSI, SCK and SS signals (and Vcc, Gnd) from the Duemilanove to the breadboard with the 1284, crystal -16 MHz- and caps.
5- Select Tools -> Board -> Atmel -> ATmega 1284P(A) @ 16 MHz (crystal)
6- Select Tools -> Burn Bootloader -> w/Wiring ISP

-Upload sketch:just like I've done with a 328P, only selecting the 1284P.

I still have to look up wich pins on the Duemilanove are the MISO, MOSI, SCK and SS...

Would it be so simple? The Wiring IDE is cool!

Thanks in advance

(sorry for my english)
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